Haunted Tours are New Orleans' #1 Attraction


New Orleans is infamous for it's savage and tumultuous past, which many will tell you has left much of the historic French Quarter, haunted. Join us on a 90-minute tour through the Vieux Carre, visiting the REAL buildings and homes where these horrors took place, with a dedicated, licensed entertainer and historian telling the stories and hauntings of the eerily creepy history of the oldest sector of the city.

Hear the REAL story and timeline behind the Lalaurie Mansion, Marie Laveau and everything that wasn't explained in American Horror Story. What celebrity later went on to purchase this mansion and arguably "lost his mind" while living there?

As a bonus, find out which celebrities have and still own homes in the French Quarter, where the scenes from famous movies were filmed and who loves this city so much they purchased a mausoleum to be buried in.

What to expect?

We meet at a central location in the French Quarter, a half block from the famous Decatur Street, at a haunted bar (because it wouldn't be a crawl without an adult beverage!), and since you're in New Orleans, you can take the drink with you! (Alcohol is not included, however, tour participants receive a drink discount at our meeting location)

Our animated Tour Guide has curated the creepiest experience and will entertain you through a guided tour of the French Quarter. We will stop at the half-way point, at the rumored oldest building in America that still serves alcohol, for a drink and bathroom break.

We end the tour in the infamous alley where the Pirate's often stopped for a glass of rum, directly in the center of the French Quarter. 

Lastly, every attendee will receive a voucher for a 2 for 1 drink at Bourbon Street's Premiere Nightlife venue, as a thank you for attending The Haunted Crawl!

Meet Alexander

Alexander Adams, entertainer, historian, tour extraordinaire.  Alexander is one of "The Original" New Orleans Haunted Tour Guides, who has been telling the creepy tales of the famous French Quarter since pre-Katrina.  Alexander has guided thousands of curiously frightened tourists through a journey back in time, past the buildings where these events have taken place, and somehow still leave them with a smile on their face.  Unlike other tour companies, Alexander is The Haunted Crawl, without him, it wouldn't exist.

Why you should experience a haunted tour?

New Orleans' is packed with history and many of the sites and building's still exist, so think of a Haunted Tour as a walk directly into a real-life history book.

In addition to hearing about the history of this amazing port city, hear about the insanely creepy haunting's that are still happening today.

As a bonus, New Orlean's is a party capital of our country, so we encourage taking an adult beverage with you - because it's LEGAL to drink on the streets!

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