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Closing Incomplete Groups

One of the realities of sales is that you will be stopping groups that are incomplete. This is something you should be finding out fairly early in your pitch, if not one of the first few rapport/qualifying questions that you ask.


“Is this everyone in your group?”

Attempting to sell these groups on the spot can be a tricky task and its not always black and white.  It is your job to decide how much of a detailed pitch you want to do based on their interest level and the percentage of people present to not present.


*If at least half of the group is there its best to give them a full detailed pitch in the office or at the booth while also making sure to add urgency.

Example:  You stop a group 3 people and quickly learn they have 7 more coming into town later or who are in the hotel room.  More often than not these types of groups will tell you at the end of your pitch that they want to speak to the others which is understandable.

It’s not to say that you can’t sell these groups on the spot, but it's more difficult than a group where everyone is present.  You should in the very least go through the rapport/qualifying questions as well as an elevator pitch.  Spark interest in the group and plant a sales seed.

Be sure to always create urgency in the fact that we sell out or if you offered them a discount to come back, that there's a time constraint on a deal like that. First come first serve only.

If it’s a group you don’t feel worth your full time based off initial interest levels, be sure to exchange numbers and stay in contact in hopes that your sales seed will grow.

If the group showed enough interest you should take them in the office or to the booth to go over a detailed pitch fitting their wants and needs.

While it may be slightly more difficult it's very possible to sell incomplete groups.

Remember in your pitch to build urgency early and often so that if they want to think about it or wait to talk to the remaining people in the group you have more power to get a commitment from the right there.

One strategy that works is to get the people present in front of you to pay for their tickets in order to “reserve” a certain price and/or the tickets for the remainder of the group. Never give people the option of a discount or idea that we’ll have tickets available later without putting a time constraint on it.

Some ways to respond to common questions in this scenario:

Can you offer us the discount if we come back?

“I can only offer the group discount (or other form of discount) until my manager sends us all a message saying we have no more.”


“I only get a few “x” discounts per day and I’d love to have your group on tour, but I may need to use it on the next group I stop if you guys are too unsure at this point.”

How long are you here until?

“I’m here until “x” time or until we sell out ”

Can you reserve the tickets for us?

“I can’t reserve “x” amount of people with just a verbal commitment”

“If you guys know its something you’d like to do I can get you set up and reserved and then I’ll save the remainder of your group under your ticket number until later”

*Let them know if the rest of their group doesn’t end up coming they won’t be stuck with paying for the other tickets.

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