Employee Training Module

Getting people to your booth or inside the Office

The majority of ticket sales made are done inside one of our sales offices or at the sales booth.  


It's important to build trust and validation which increases your chances of closing.  One way this is done is by having your customers at your actual sales location.  The problem is that not everyone is willing to come into the office or to your booth right away.  People want to feel like they have a good idea of what they are getting into before committing to that.  

Keep in mind all groups are different.  Some groups after asking your stopping question might be very forward and say ” Yeah we have no idea what to do, tell us what you have!” and you can walk them right over to your selling area if its close enough.

Other groups who didn’t stop as easily for you may feel uncomfortable walking over to your selling area if you try to move them too soon and tell you they’ll catch you on the way back or they’re not interested.  You will learn to sense their body language and how comfortable they are with you the more you sell, but for the most part you should be going over a few rapport questions as well as going through an elevator pitch so they have a general idea what it is you are presenting to them before attempting to move the group.


Some General Tips


​​-Build rapport while informing them of what we do before moving them into the sales area (Give information about our events while gaining information about your group

-Pay attention to their body language and comfortability levels with you (openness , relaxed, smiling, engaged etc.)

-When you move them to your sales area let them know its to show them the lineups, pictures and full details how a night out with us works

-Tell them you’re going to show them information on the iPad.

-Let them know you only want a few minutes of their time to show them a few details of what we do if they seem skeptical.

-If you cover your elevator pitch and they still seem uneasy, before moving them find out what their first night of partying is and go over another elevator pitch adding details of that specific crawl including the venues and specials

**The more you sell and gain experience, this will become second nature.  Be confident, always ask questions and give information to remain in control of the conversation.  When theres too long of a lull people feel awkward and naturally want to walk away.

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