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One of the most vital strategies to selling is learning to add urgency to your sales.  You need to set the tone of your pitch and sales process to your customers that tickets for the events and especially any discounted deals you offer are limited.  While not every event sells out, you still want to have your customers believe they do because it’s beneficial to getting customers to purchase on the spot.  Keep in mind the overwhelming majority of customers who walk away or want to think about it DO NOT come back later and purchase a ticket later.


Early and Often


When building urgency you need to start early in your pitch as well as mentioning it a few times throughout the process.  If you wait until the very end or until they are ready to walk away it’s not as believable, it tends to come across as more “salesy”.


Here are some ways to add early urgency without coming across as too pushy about it.

  • When describing how are events work explain there are only so many guys/girls we take out each night.

  • When giving an elevator pitch “We do “x” number of sell-out events each week, the idea is 2 bars, 2 clubs etc..”

  • You can mention because we have fast pass entry to the clubs.

  • Certain events when we have special events,  we are permitted even less people allowed in.

  • Feel free to use other points of urgency you find useful as well


You can fit these in periodically throughout your pitch and you don’t need to use every single one of them.. You should however casually mention at least 2 points of urgency before the end of your pitch.  This way if someone wants to think about it you can refer back to these.


When they want to think about it



  • “Keep in mind guys as I mentioned earlier, all of our events are sell out which means first come first serve so I can’t guarantee we will have tickets available later.

  • “We only have a few tickets left for the club crawl tonight…”

  • “We sell out every weekend, because the clubs only allow us to take a certain amount of people to their venues. If you buy your tickets now, you don’t have to worry about us selling out.”


“…If you buy your tickets now… then…”


Insert conditional closes in when you can.. If the customer commits to ______, you can do______ for them.

  • “If you put down a deposit now, you can pay the rest at the door and we won’t sell out on you.”

  • “If you get your tickets now I can discount them X amount.”

  • “We only have a few tickets left. If you purchase your ticket now, then I can save the remaining tickets for your friends and they can pick them up at the door, or they can purchase using a discount code link.”

  • “We are selling our first tier of tickets now, the price goes up.”

  • “I only have about 4 tickets left, are you able to grab your tickets now?”

  • “I can do student discount until my boss says, ‘no more’.”

  • “If you can put down $20 now, I can save these tickets and you can pay the rest at the door.”

  • “If you get your tickets now, I can set you up with this discount card that will save you tons of money all over town.”

  • “I have just one or two of these discounts left, I was going to save them, but if you grab your tickets now, you can get that discount.”

  • “I have just a few tickets left and I’m not going to leave until I get rid of them. Tell you what, if you grab your tickets now, I’ll discount them. I want to go drinking, and you’re getting a good deal.”

  • “Let me see if I can do anything better… talk to manager… my manager said if you guys want to get your tickets now, we can knock X dollars off.”

  • “Let me check how many tickets are left… … … not that many, I just want to sell out for Saturday, are you able to grab your tickets now?”

  • “We actually have a lot of GIRLS (or guys) on the crawl right now and I need some balance out the numbers, so it looks like you came at the right time! If you want to grab your tickets now, I can give you a great price.”

  • ” This is a massive weekend, look at all there people out here, if you don’t grab your tickets right away; the next group will get them.”

  • “look around, see how busy it is, If you don’t have a plan you’re going to end up waiting around outside a club. We’re almost sold out, want to grab your tickets now?”

  • “I’m only here until 3:00 or until we sell out.”

  • “We can only sell so many guys/girls or people total . once we hit that number that’s it.”

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