Employee Training Module

 It’s important to be an expert in the community. Showing that you know a lot about the community you’re in is important in order to be respected. If someone wants to know what club is good, you should be able to tell them quickly. If someone wants to know where to get a good slice of pizza, you should be able to tell them. Offering up knowledge of the city is important, it makes us a "master" of the city.

Not only is knowledge of the city important, but knowledge of the whole crawl is important. How much are drinks at clubs, how much are cover charges? What night of the week do they play what music? You can get this information by doing research.



Product Knowledge

  • Who are the hosts for that night?

  • What are some of the fun things they do when they’re leading crawls?

  • What games do we play while on tour?

  • What time do we go from venue to venue?

  • How long are those venues open?

  • How long are the walks between venues?

  • What’s the latest that someone can show up on the crawl?

  • When’s the last call at the bars?

  • How do you play the games? 

  • What’s the addresses of the bars?




Our partners are the bars and restaurants and clubs that we go to. You never know who you’re talking to while working. We’ve had managers of some of the nightclubs question our staff about their own establishments, unbeknownst to the agent. Be respectful and never say anything negative about clubs that we go to, or don’t go to.



Our competition exists. There’s nothing we can do to prevent other club crawl companies from copying what we do, and emulating what we do.  Just say that they are a viable option and talk about the reasons that we’re better. You can speak highly of us without bad-mouthing the competition.  Remember, we have experience operating all over the world, explain that to the customers that we're part of a brand that is in all the major party markets internationally.

Respecting Our Landlords


Respect for our landlords is important. We share space or sublet our space from various companies. Those companies will not allow us to do business with them if we’re not showing them the utmost respect. We can not do anything to compete with them, such as sending people to their competition. We have to show them as much respect as they are an extension of our own company. We have to show their customers respect like they’re our own.

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